Being a ''top-notch'' sales executive in a big organization has its advantages. You get to travel to very,... fantastic places,... or places from past such "Cyprus the Island of all Seasons" and cherish the moment of glory of history safety - Climate and Sun!

But to be actually there takes some thinking and planning. Your Company establishes the budget and conveys to us the rest of the mission.

We start defining,... or offer according the requirements and set the grounds for the best possible offer to fit the profile and the budget. In collaboration with the requests and Client's Management approach, we elaborate the nitty-gritty and present the projected offer for final approval.

We act as your Travel Advisor and guide you throughout the whole procedure until completion of our mission. If requested, our Expert Tour Guide will accompany the group, for your comfort and peace of mind.

This part of the business is our real baby. We cherish it and pamper it, because we recognize the need and the necessity of such trips. They are a boost to the moral of the personnel and, without any doubts, an enhancement to the image of the Company or Organization involved. We know that you have earned the right to be treated like a "Prince". But, we go one step further and make you feel like a "King " without, of-course, ignoring the Company' s policies and financial target.